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"As the world turns, so are the days of our lives!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Private Alex Lardie
Survivor Vimy Ridge

Read the answer to the question you asked!

What does Behind Nellie's Clock mean??

When I decided to purchase a domain name I went through all the names
I could think of that interested me.  I tried "Once In A Blue Moon" and "Bonedigger"
just to name two.  Taken!  That is when I remembered something my Mother told me
at least a hundred times.  If I asked "do you know where my skates are" the answer
would be "up in Nellie's room behind the clock".  If I asked "where is my homework"
it would be "up in Nellie's room behind the clock". I spent many nights thinking up
ways to find Nellie's room where I'd find that clock.  It was some magical place that
gave a safe haven to everything in the world that was missing.  In the 20 years or so
that I have been researching I have identifed at least 1000 major things that
 have taken asylum BEHIND NELLIE'S CLOCK so I decided to quit beating
my head against a wall and just call the site after Miss Nellie and her elusive clock!

In Memory of My Mother

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