Aldershot.  Once East Flamborough, Wentworth Co. Ontario.  Now part of Burlington, Halton Co. Ontario.  Wentworth Co. turned the area over to Burlington in the 1960's but CN Railway kept us on the map because of their sign "Aldershot" at King Rd.  It will not be removed as it is an official reference on that rail line.

The intention of these pages is to preserve the heritage of this community.  It is growing rapidly and the look is changing monthly.  Now Plains Rd. is lined with high rise buildings that do not reflect the agricultural community the area was known for.  There are no more fields of the best musk melons grown anywhere and most of the fertile growing soil is now concrete.

I recently was contacted by Scott Forsyth of Winnipeg, formerly of Aldershot, who is doing the same kind of research I am.  He has been reading the Hamilton Spectator and is sending me news stories pertinent to our research.  He has agreed to put some of his work up on this site as well.  Scott has done extensive research on some of the early families.   You will see news clippings of his throughout the pages.  It will be a collaboration of the research generated by the two of us.

I know the most about my Hall family who lived on BF lot 4 so it will have a lot more detailed information, however, I invite anyone to contact me with their information and I will gladly add it to the site.

I would like to assure you that this is a free site.  Please don't try to login on, I don't collect email addresses and I certainly do not want to hold your credit card number.  I do these sites for the love of local history.  Feel free to shed a tear, have a real good laugh or find some tidbit of history on a family member.  If you want it "right click" and save it.  Perhaps, if you find a treasure, you might click the "email me" book below and let Scott and I know you enjoyed wandering through the site.  Be patient and drop by now and then to see what has been added.

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