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Read the answer to the question you asked!

What does Behind Nellie's Clock mean??

When I decided to purchase a domain name I went through all the names
I could think of that interested me.  I tried "Once In A Blue Moon" and "Bonedigger"
just to name two.  Taken!  That is when I remembered something my Mother told me
at least a hundred times.  If I asked "do you know where my skates are" the answer
would be "up in Nellie's room behind the clock".  If I asked "where is my homework"
it would be "up in Nellie's room behind the clock". I spent many nights thinking up
ways to find Nellie's room where I'd find that clock.  It was some magical place that
gave a safe haven to everything in the world that was missing.  In the 20 years or so
that I have been researching I have identifed at least 1000 major things that
 have taken asylum BEHIND NELLIE'S CLOCK so I decided to quit beating
my head against a wall and just call the site after Miss Nellie and her elusive clock!

In Memory of My Mother

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